Our Expertise


Our Team and Business Network is available to listen, discuss and handle your individual needs. No matter how small or  big, simple or complex your request is, our Team will  deliver First Class Professional and Value for Money Services.  If you are interested in any combination of our below services then please Connect With Us for a Tailor Made Proposal under no obligation. We are In Business to Serve You Better.





In a small business, day-to-day bookkeeping can tie up valuable time. Our bookkeeping service is tailored to your requirements. This essential task is carried out in a timely and accurate manner, leaving your staff with more time to concentrate on your core business.

Services include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of sales invoices
  • Preparation of bank instructions
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts




Outsourcing the payroll function removes the headache of keeping abreast of the latest employment legislation and ensures that your staff is paid on time.

Our expertise in this area enables us to alert you as to whether the packages you offer are competitive. We can also provide advice in relation to your overall employee benefit packages to ensure that these are structured in a tax-efficient manner for you and your employees.

Services include:

  • Preparation of monthly payroll
  • Preparation of instruction to the bank for   payment of salaries as well as submission to Income Tax and Social Insurance offices


Administration Support


Preparation of commercial agreements and general correspondence

Preparation of Business Plans & Reports

Assistance with opening and administration of bank account

Any other support services required from time to time

Company Secretarial and Administration Services

Through our Network we provide a full range of services geared to helping both local and international business companies fulfil their corporate compliance requirements, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our services include:

  • Maintaining the statutory books and registers of the company, handling and implementing any changes
  • Preparation of notices, proxies and preparation and filing of minutes of directors and shareholder meetings
  • Preparation and filing of annual return with the local authorities
  • Provision of a registered office for the company
  • Arranging for secretary, nominee shareholders and directors for the company


Audit & Tax Planning

Audit & Assurance

Our network includes fully licensed firms of auditors. We are therefore able to undertake all types of audit engagements, including:

Statutory audit of Annual Financial Statements and submission to the authorities;

Internal Audit engagements, assessing the internal controls system of a business using a risk assessment and mitigation methodology;

Specific purpose audit engagements;

Other Investigations.

Tax Planning

Through our Network we offer a range of tax services, from corporate tax consulting, to personal taxation including tax declarations and compliance work, designed to meet the needs of our clients.

We deliver a proactive, cost-effective service which assists clients with their filing obligations and minimises tax leakage, getting close to our clients and understanding their business and objectives.

Cyprus applies fully all EU directives and has a favourable tax system with a wide network of double tax treaties.

Whether you already have established international operations or whether you intend to expand internationally and you are contemplating the establishment of a Cyprus tax-resident base in order to take advantage of the benefits that Cyprus has to offer, we can assist you through our local expertise to achieve your goals.



Ancillary Services:

Corporate Travel,

IT Solutions,

Real Estate Services


Through our Network we are in position to offer enhanced services to your organization  in the following areas saving you time and money and allowing you to concentrate on your commercial activities:

Corporate Travel Services:

Dedicated Corporate Travel Consultants available with wide experience in serving business clients on a global basis.  Round the clock service from a professional team. 

Information Technology Solutions:

Our Network is well placed to offer a wide range of services in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies:

Consulting Services

Web & Internet Services

Data Center Services

Advanced Infrastructure Services

Real Estate Services:

Our Network is well placed to assist our clientele in locating suitable properties to set up their business headquarters and find suitable accommodation for family and company staff.